With something as personal as fitness, a large part of the reason we take a liking to one class or another is down to the instructor. And that’s the differentiator here. Christian doesn’t just motivate - he inspires - brimming with energy, humour and knowledge. As ex-Army, you’d expect him to be much less nurturing than he is - but he’s built this business up into a fitness family - and that’s why people genuinely enjoy being here.

For a very young company (founded in 2014), it’s remarkable that TUF's following is so developed. But then Christian’s passion for what he does is infectious - he’s constantly thinking of ways to improve and expand on what TUF offers.

And it’s a holistic approach. One of TUF’s explicit aims is to “educate as well as train” - empowering you to take your fitness into your own hands. This spills outside of classes - from socials once a month to taking part as TeamTUF in theRough Runner obstacle course on Clapham Common in September.


Clapham Common Boot Camp is the perfect location for commuters, and residents who are looking for outdoor group fitness training.

TUF Clapham is located 2 minutes’ walk from Clapham Common Tube station.


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